Making Wordware Payments in ePayTrak

You will need to sign-in to SmartSchool to initiate your first payment in ePayTrak. Once you have created your SmartSchool account that is linked to Wordware, you can login to make a payment or see your family balance. You can do all of that in ePayTrak! There are new payment options available with SmartSchool where payments can be

    • Wordware has recently changed their pages. What you see will be similar to the images below. Click family login to create a new account or to sign in if you have an existing account.



If you have an existing Username and Password enter them at the left. If you need to create a family account, click where it reads, Click here to begin our quick and easy registration.


If you are creating a new account, you will see a screen similar to the one below. Enter your e-mail address and password. Click Validate when you've completed this page.  

You will then see this page. Check your e-mail to complete the activation process.


You will see an e-mail similar to the one below. Click on the appropriate link in your e-mail. You've almost completed the process:


That link will take you back to the Wordware site. You will see a screen similar to the one below.

Choose I have a Family Key.

Some schools don't utilize a Family Key but use the Family ID and PIN. You will need to consult your school for further information.


Then you will need to enter your Family Key. The Family Key can be supplied by your school if you don't have one. Then click Finish Connecting Your Family. If you are using a Family ID and PIN click that section in the image above and enter your Family ID and PIN where necessary.


You will see a screen to establish a security question.

You may also be asked to accept the terms of use.

You will then receive a confirming e-mail from Wordware that will look similar to the one below. The link in the e-mail will take you to the Wordware site. You've completed the registration process. You only need to login one time to Wordware to make food service payments in ePayTrak.

Next... Login to Wordware. Enter you e-mail as the Username and enter your Password. Then click the 'Sign In' button as shown in the image below.


That will bring you to the Wordware Home Page as shown below.



To begin making your payments, click the orange 'Add Funds' button. That will bring you to the ePayTrak sign-in page. With integrated Single Sign-On (if your school is utilizing it) the customer would not normally see the login page.

Those customers won't login to ePayTrak directly. The customer shouldn't have to reset their password in ePayTrak in those scenarios.


You would see the new login theme when you enter the site with admin rights as you would be a returning customer. Enter your Email and Password and Click Sign In. A new user would click Sign Up at the top of the screen.


By default, the user will be directed to the My Food Service Settings Page. Account>My Food Service Fees and Balances.

Most parents will be entering ePayTrak from Wordware Single Sign On.


Your Food Service Family Account ID will automatically be entered for you and your balance will appear. You can also make a One Time Payment on this page.

But first, Click Edit Auto Refill Payments and Balance Notifications Plus sign to expand that section.


In the example above, I entered a notification level of $25. You will receive notification sent to your e-mail account when your food service balance reaches that level.

  • If you would like to make a credit card payment to your food service account automatically, check the Low Balance Refill box and select your credit card number in the drop-down box. You will need to enter your credit card by clicking on Add New Payment Method for your credit card to appear in the drop-down.

  • Then enter the refill level.

In the example above, I added the refill level of $30.00. When your account balance reaches $30, ePayTrak will automatically make a payment for you!  

  • Enter the amount of the payment you wish to make in the Low Balance Refill Amount box.  

In the above example, $35 was chosen as the refill amount. So, a $35 payment will be made automatically when my account balance reaches the Low Balance Refill Level.

  • Press Update Settings after you’ve made your changes.

Most Single Sign On customers will be directed to the My Food Service Settings page as shown below. Same functionality, new look!


To Make a One-Time Payment

In the example below, I entered $50 as a payment in the Add to Food Service Balance box.  

  • Click Add Funds Now to being the one-time payment. Any payments made will be applied to the Family balance and not a specific student.

 That brings you to the My Basket page.



  • All your payments will be applied to your family balance not to an individual student.  

  • Double-check the amount and click Checkout to begin the checkout process. (You can also change the amount here, click in the amount box and enter the amount you wish to pay and click Recalculate.)

  • After clicking Checkout Now you will get to the Checkout page as shown below. (If eCheck is accepted at your school, you will see Credit Card/eCheck) This box will be selected by default.

(The example below includes a $2.50 fee.)


Credit Card will be selected automatically as the Payment Method as shown at the top left.

  • If you have already entered your credit card and have selected it, click Click to Pay and Complete your order.  

  • If your credit card has not been entered before, you will not see Pay with Selected Credit Card.

  • Click Add New Payment Method button.

When you click Add New Payment Method you will see the following window. Your credit card is never entered into ePayTrak. passes back the last 4 digits of your card as a token. This ensures your credit card information is secure!




  • Enter your card number, the Expiration Date and the CV2 code from the back of the card.

  • Enter the Card holder's First Name and Last Name.

  • Enter your address and press Save. (Company, and Phone are not required fields)

  • Then click the Click to Pay and Complete Your Order button.

You will then see the following page. ePayTrak shows that the Status is Completed and shows the $52.50 payment. You will also receive a receipt to your e-mail address.




Congratulations! You have made a Wordware payment.