Manage e-Mail Lists

The E-mail List manager allows you to view all the lists you create for your store. To access this page, go to Manage > E-mail Lists from the top menu.  

From this page, you can view, create, and manage all your e-mail lists.

In the left section, you can manage your e-mail lists. In the example above, you can see two e-mail lists that have been created, School Closing Notification and School Health Alerts. Likely you will not need to utilize this in a public school setting.

Looking left to right, the information shown is as follows:  

  1. List - the name of the e-mail list as it will appear to your users.  

  2. Members - the number of members that have joined the mailing list.

  3. Last Sent - the date the e-mail list was last sent.

In the far right column, you see the blue 'Edit' icon, the X 'Delete' icon and the 'Send' icon. You can edit or delete any e-mail list by selecting the applicable action icon.

Either click on the linked list name or the EDIT icon in the right column to see the details of your mailing list. I've clicked on Edit for the School Health Alerts. At the right, you will see the amount of members.


Here you can MANAGE USERS, EXPORT LIST and SEND MESSAGE to the members of this list. These options will appear once you have members assigned to the mailing list.  

If you click the EXPORT LIST button, it will give you the option to save your list members as a .CSV (comma separated values) file which can be opened in a program such as Microsoft Excel. Click the SAVE button when finished, or CLOSE to return to the Manage Lists page without saving.

Manage Users

You can edit, add or remove members by editing the e-mail list or clicking on the 'MANAGE USERS' button as I have done in the image below. You can remove the user by 'unchecking' the In List box. You can add a User by first searching for that user by Last Name or by E-Mail from the drop down. Enter the Last Name or e-mail address (wild cards are usable) then click the 'Search' button to bring up new users.

I've searched for the E-Mail address of Wolfe as shown below.

To add this person, click the checkbox under In List to add the user. You will see that person added to the list. Click 'Return to E-Mail Lists' when completed.