Managing eMail Invoices

Our latest feature will help improve sending Student Fee Invoices to the parents.

After creating or importing the student accounts and generating the Student Fees, the next step is to apply payments to those fees. (The public might need to be notified when the fees are in ePayTrak before they can pay them online! ePayTrak can send an e-mail that a student fee was created.)

You will need to filter the students who are to receive an invoice in the Manage>Students section. There are complete instructions on the eMailing Student Fees Invoices here.

Go to Manage > Email Queue.   


Note: The student must have an e-mail address attached to the student account for this to work.

Below is our queued e-mail list. Choose one of the filters available. You can send them all, or you can click in the Checkbox to send only selected invoices.



Click Send all and Go all your e-mails will be sent to the group in your queue. Pretty simple and a huge improvement.

Before you attempt to utilize this functionality, you must have the e-Mail template activated under Configure>eMail>Templates. Contact Tech Support if you need to change or add triggers for those e-mails templates or want to utilize this new feature.