Merge User Accounts

A User in ePayTrak is any customer or internal administrative person. You can access ePayTrak User profiles from the Menu drop-down, People > Users. Some Users have created multiple accounts with different e-mail addresses. This can create some confu

I executed a search by Stuart in the Last Name search window as seen below, and two accounts for that user appear, only a difference in e-mail addresses exists.

View the User Account

Click the blue Edit button to open up a user account. The screen shots below show the profile of the account of Cindy is the participant and below that is some of the Order History.

Below is the profile information from Note there is a different participant from the other account. Only Melinda is listed in, while Cindy is listed under


Merge User Accounts

Next, we are going to merge the two accounts. You must select which account you which to keep, that will be the Master account.  Go to Users > Merger User Accounts to get the window below. In this case, I used as the Master.

Click the 'Get Users' button and you will see the following screen.

The accounts aren't merged yet, but it shows the total number of orders for each user account.  To merge the two user accounts, click 'Merge Accounts'.

The two accounts have been successfully merged as the note in red suggests.  I opened the user account for because that was the Master account.

You'll notice that the Participants are now combined.  Also, note order #125 which was an order under the account of, but now the orders have been merged as well as the participants.  It didn't remove the second user account of, but note the orders and participants shown below.  There are none!  They were merged to the master account.

The Credit Card information did NOT merge together by design.  You can remove the second user account if you wish.

You now have merged two user accounts!