Missing Student Fees

Throughout the school year, new students will be added to school rosters. Those students will need to pay the same Student Fees as their classmates. When new students are added either through an import or if they are added manually, Student Fees need to be created. In the following example, I have added a new student as shown below, as he just enrolled at Edutrak High School. If your students are brought over in a sync process, many of the following steps still apply.



I've added this new student by clicking the 'Add Student' button. Since he is a new student to the district, his guardian will not have an ePayTrak User account at the school yet. So, in the example below, I've located the Student account and added a User account for the guardian, Mary Weeks by clicking the 'Create Account' button. When the User account is created, you will see Account Created in red as shown below.

You will not need to create a student if synced with a student information system. But the Missing Student Fees is still quite helpful.

All Edutrak 6th Grade students get charged for Science Lab Fees, but the new students haven't been billed for the fee yet. Go to Manage > Missing Fees. Enter the Sku number and the Student ID to begin the Fee Generating process. If there is no fee yet created, it will be listed as shown below as a missing fee.  

To generate the fee, click in the Generate Fee box and click the 'Generate Selected Fees' button for any or all of the students you select. Adding a unique Run Description might be helpful for managing your students fees, in this case it might be helpful to add a Run Description of New 6th Graders Science Fees.

After generating the fees for all the students, you will see this screen. The fee was generated for the selected students and now there are no more missing fees for that Sku.

After creating the Student Fee go back to Manage > Students and enter the Last Name or Student ID. I searched for Jenna Carney and clicked View History and the Science Lab Fee is now available for payment. The Run Description field will appear in the Fee Run section. You might find a description more useful than a date and time, but it is optional.

Payment can now be made by the admin or the parent/guardian.