Multiple Banks Payment Methods

ePayTrak now has the ability to support multiple banks! If you wish to have your money deposited to different bank accounts, please let us know at ePayTrak support. You will need to have a separate merchant account for each ePayTrak bank account. Contact ePayTrak support for a new merchant application if you are interested.


Note: ePayTrak personnel will configure your Banks and Payment Methods prior to your site going 'live' no matter gateway is used. This page is for reference only. If you would like to add a Payment Method after your store is online, please contact You will be unable to add a Payment Method with your login access.


Below is an example of a configured USAepay payment gateway. This is for reference only.


If you are using multiple banks, you will notice a difference in your products. You will see a USAepay Payment Bank field. Choose the correct bank from the drop-down menu for each and every product before offering the class/product to the public.