Order Manager

Order Manager

The Order Manager is where you will process and fulfill your online orders.  

Add, authorize, or capture credit card payments and issue refunds. Ship, merge, split, or edit shipments.  

Includes batch processing, printing of orders, and how to place orders on behalf of the customer.

You will also learn to how Issue a Refund to a payment.  

This chapter covers the following sections:

  • Find and Manage Orders - Searching for orders, understanding statuses, and batch processing. 

    Find and Manage Orders

    Order management is an important part of any e-commerce store. That is why ePayTrak has made it easy to find and manage your orders.  

    Search with statuses to find orders that need payments captured, are unpaid, or need to be shipped. The status icons make management even easier.

    Update or process multiple orders at once with batch features like printing, payment processing, and shipping.   

    ePayTrak has automated the payments, no need to use for payment processing.

    This section covers the following topics:

  • Payments - Processing payments and credit card transactions.


    This chapter shows you how to process a payment for an order.

    Processing can be done with credit card payments online or by recording a payment by some offline method.

    Capture full or partial amounts of an order, issue full or partial refunds, or enter a credit card manually. 


    This section covers the following topics:

    • Credit Card Transactions - Process credit card payments and refunds online.

    • Offline Payments - Record other types of payments.

    • Issuing a Refund - Steps to issue a refund of previously received payment.

    • Cancel an Order - Cancelling an order doesn't refund payments, but is required for accurate inventory reporting.

    • Recurring Billing - A great feature in ePayTrak that allows you to setup recurring orders, even if the amounts are different each month.

  • Shipping - Add, edit, split, or merge shipments.  Shipping your order is easy with ePayTrak. You can create new shipments, edit shipments, or split and merge shipments. Keep inventory in check with product returns. Add tracking numbers and print packing lists -

  • Editing - Add, delete, or edit information and items in your order. After an order is placed, you will have the ability to change it. The Edit Order Items feature gives you the ability to add or remove products from your order. Additionally, you can add a shipping or handling charge, adjust tax, and give a discount or a credit. 

  • History and Notes - View an order's history, add order notes or respond to customer notes. There are two types of information logged for each order. This information appears on the Order History and Notes page. Automated entries, or historical logs, are shown when any action takes place with the order such as payment, refund, shipping, etc. The order notes, or comments, can be used for private or public communication with customers. 

  • Placing an Order - Create a new order or place an order on behalf of a customer.

  • Create Recurring Billing - Create a recurring billing schedule.

  • Issuing a Refund - How to process a refund.