Order Notes

There are two types of information logged in the Order History and Notes. Automated entries, or historical logs, are shown when any action takes place with the order such as payment, shipping, etc. Then there are notes, or manual entries, which can be input by the customer or the merchant.  

If a merchant enters a note, there is an option to keep it hidden (private) from the customer's view or shown on the customer's order. Additionally, a customer may view their order to send a message to the merchant.

If public comments are entered by the merchant or the customer, an e-mail can be triggered to send notification to both.

To Add an Order Note:

  1. From the History and Notes page, you will see a page which records all the events that take place for an order. For a new order, the page might look similar to the example below.

  2. The first entry is an order history note.  It is created from the system which automatically records all order actions.  These entries will be private and cannot be changed.

  3. If you want to add a note to the order, type it into the "Add Comment" field.  By default, all comments are private.

  4. If you want to add a note so the customer can view it on their order, then un-check the box 'Make comment private'.

  1. When finished, click the ADD COMMENT button.

  2. Note, when you drop or add a class/product in the Order Manager, a note will be added to the History and Notes field.

To Edit an Order Note:

  1. From the History and Notes page, find a note with an EDIT and DELETE icon in the last column of the row.

  2. Click the EDIT icon to view the same page in an editable format.  

  3. Change the comment text as needed.

  4. If you wish to change whether or not the note is private or public. Check the box so the note is for internal viewing only, or un-check it so that a customer can view it on their order.

  5. If you un-check the box to make this a public note, it will appear on the customer's order invoice as shown in the example below.

  6. Click the SAVE icon when finished, or the CANCEL icon to quit without saving.

TIP:  The default data from the store installation includes two e-mail templates that have triggers for the order notes.  This will automatically send e-mail when the merchant or the customer adds notes to the order.  

What does the customer see?

After the customer places an order, they can add a note or reply to a merchant's note.

When the customer submits their note, an e-mail notification can be sent to the merchant.