Orphaned Items

A product can be orphaned by deleting a category that includes a product/class or if you use the Unarchive Feature on the Browse > Browse Archived page. Follow the steps below if you wish to add your orphaned product/class back into your catalog.

Assign a Category to an Orphaned Product:

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Orphaned Items to locate any Orphaned Products as shown below. Notice the World History and Physics classes that we Unarchived from the Browse > Browse Archived pages.

  1. Click the blue Edit button to open the Product/Class. The World History Class product is open.

  1. Click Categories from the left side menu as shown below.

  1. Click the Category you wish for your product. I selected Classes.

  2. Press 'Save' to save your changes.

  3. You will need to unlock this product if it were archived using the archive process to make it available to the public again.