Participant Fields

There are various configurations on your Configure > Store page in the Participant Fields section on the left below the General Settings. We have added drop-down sections for better organization on this page.

To Configure your Participant Fields Settings:

There are various settings that you will need to configure for your store as seen below.



  1. Hide the Second Option "Add Student Manually" - If checked, parents will not be able to manually add students. With Databridge enhancements, you might not want parents adding a duplicate student.

  1. Require Valid ID for Participant Signup - This setting requires parents to enter a Valid Student ID when adding participant/students to their account.

  2. Require DOB for Participant - Parents must enter their child's Date of Birth when adding them to their ePayTrak user account.

  3. Hide Participant ID during Registration - This setting allows you to hide a Participant ID field for account creation. (recommended) This is not related to the Required Valid ID for Participant Setup.  

  4. Hide Student ID - You would want to leave this unchecked if you want to utilize student fees.

  1. Force Participant Selection - This requires the parent to select a student in order to complete a transaction.

  1. Show Extra Participant Fields - This setting is generally used for people who will registering many people for a class, such as corporate training. Those 'extra' fields include Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, e-mail, etc.

  2. Auto Increment Participant ID - If you require Student ID's for all students even out of district students who do not have an ID, ePayTrak can create them for you. This is only recommended for use when first implementing ePayTrak.

  3. Participant Label Text - You can customize what text you want to use. You can use Students for example, or you can customized it further by making it specific to your organization.

  4. First Name Label Text - You can customize this setting. This refers to the ePayTrak account owner such as the parent. So you can label this Parent First Name for example.

  5. Last Name Label Text - You can customize this setting. This refers to the ePayTrak account owner such as the parent. So you can label this Parent Last Name for example to eliminate confusion for parents.

  6. Grade Label - If you want parents to add a grade for their students, you can customize this for a drop down field. If no label is included, the field will not appear by default.

  7. Gender Required - If you want parents to include the gender of their students. Most schools already have this information.

  8. Grades - As mentioned in the Grade Label section, if you want the parent to add the grade of their students, then add the fields in this section. You can customize this as you like. The labels will appear in a drop down for the parent to select.

  9. Participant Categories - You can assign a category to a participant. In the example above we've added a Bronze Category. You can add and edit these categories like any other section on the Configure>Store page.

  10. Donation Categories - You can create categories for different level of donation amounts. Easy to create new. Enter a Name and Price then Click Add. Save at the bottom of the page. Designed for tracking donation categories.