Paying Student Fees/Admin/Applying Fee Waivers

After creating or importing the student accounts and generating the Student Fees, the next step is to apply payments to those fees. (The public will need to be notified when the fees are in ePayTrak before they can pay them online!)  

Before those waivers can be applied, there must be a User Account associated with the parent/guardian. And that student must be listed as a Participant/Student under that User Account.  

Tip: If you are going to apply a Fee Waiver to a Student Fee, there is a very good chance there is no User Account for that parent and you will need to create one!

 To pay a student fee by using a Fee Waiver, take the following steps.

  1. Go to Manage > Students. You will a screen similar to the one below.  


  1. Find the Student by entering the First Name, and/or the Last Name, or the Student ID.

For example, you are going to apply a fee waiver to the Elementary School Fee for student Alister Stone. To find Alister, in this case I entered Stone in the Last Name field and clicked the 'Filter' button to find that student as shown below.

  1. Create a parent/guardian User Account that will be associated with the student record. Click the blue edit button next to the 'View History' link to open the student record as shown below for Alister Stone.

Note: If the parent and student have a different last name, take note of the Guardian Last Name. It will be helpful to associate the student record with the User Account.


  1. Click the 'Create Account' button at the bottom of the page to create a User Account and automatically the participant/student is added to the User account with the corresponding Student Id for Alister Stone. You will see a red message of 'Account Created' when that is completed. If there is already a user account, you will see a message 'User already exists' in red.

  1. After creating the User account, you will need to go back to Manage > Students and enter the Last Name or Student ID to find the student. Or click the back button of your browser two times to arrive at the screen below.

  1. Click View History to display the Student Fees and you'll see the screen below. In this case, there are two fees, one Elementary School Fee and some Book Fines for Alister Stone.

  1. Now you're ready to apply the fee waiver, almost. If the student has the same last name as the parent, you should be able to the Fee Waiver right away because by default, ePayTrak will search for a user account with the same last name as the student. But if the parent and student names are different, you first need to associate the student with the User account. You only see a 'Search' button on the bottom right, so you can't yet proceed to pay the fees. In this case, the parent/guardian has a different last name. Enter the Last Name of the parent in the Last Name box and click Search. I entered Carpenter because that is the name of the Guardian. (You will not see the 'Create Order' button if a User account wasn't created for that student, either.)

ePayTrak has now found the associated User account for the student. That is why you see the e-mail address and the 'Create Order' button now appears.

  1. Select the fees you wish to apply the fee waiver by clicking in the appropriate 'Add to Cart' column boxes and click 'Create Order'. I selected the Elementary School Annual Fee in the example below.


  1. To begin the process of applying a Fee Waiver, click 'Place Order'. Scroll down to the Shipping and Payment Section and click 'Defer Payment'.

  1. That creates a new order with a Status of Payment Pending as seen below.


  1. Click 'Payments' to begin the apply the Fee Waiver. Then click 'Add a New Payment' on that screen.


  1. After clicking 'Add a New Payment' you will see the following screen.


  1. Select the 'Record Payment' selection.

  2. In the 'Payment Method' drop-down, select Fee Waiver.

  1. Select 'Completed' from the 'Status' drop-down.

  2. By default, the amount will automatically be entered as the complete amount of the Student Fee. If you are entering a partial Fee Waiver, then change the amount in both the box above the status and in the line item listed at the bottom of the page.

  3. You can add any applicable notes in the Status Notes window or in the reference window.

  4. Press 'Save' to complete the process.

  5. The order status will then show as 'Completed'.

  6. You can also double-check to make sure the payment was made. Go the Manage > Students > View History page.

In this case, the Elementary School Annual Fee has a zero balance. You can click 'View Payments' to open the order in the Order Manager.