PowerSchool Setup for ePayTrak (Admin)

Creating fees in Powerschool has been improved with Smartschool integration. In some cases, it's now possible to automatically setup fees in ePayTrak with a sync to Powerschool.

If you have an extensive catalog, contact Technical Support for assistance in importing your products. The steps below remain for reference and if you are to setup the fees manually in Powerschool.

To Setup Fees:

  • Select District Office from the drop-down at the Top Right. You see a screen similar to the one below.

Once you select District Office, you will see a page similar to the one below. Select District at the bottom left.

Once you select District, you will see all the District Settings. Scroll down to Fees > Fee Categories.

To Add a Fee Category:

  • Click the New Button to add a new Fee Category. Notice the Fee Categories that exist in the image below.


  • Enter the name or Value of your new fee category. In this case I've entered Athletics. Click the Submit button to create that fee category.

Note the new Fee Category of Athletics has been added as seen in the image below.

Next, you need to change from District Office to your school. In the example below, I selected Apple Grove High School.

Setup Fee Types

Make sure you are in School Mode with your school name selected as shown above. Click School under Setup on the left and choose Fee Types.


Create Fee Types

Fee Types is what links ePayTrak to PowerSchool.  Any Fee Type that is created must have a corresponding product and Sku in ePayTrak.

  • Fee Types are where you enter the fees that are to be paid with the corresponding SKU in ePayTrak.



Next, you will want to create fees for students. Perform a Student Search. I searched for the last name of Martin. It located all students with the last name of Martin. I clicked on William Martin because I want to create fees for that student.

Click on Byrne, Michael J. and you will see a page similar to this.

Click Fee Transactions on the left. Currently, this student has no fees so we are going to create several.


Click the Down arrow for the Fee you wish to create. I selected Science Lab Fee. Enter the necessary information as shown below, then click the Submit button.

That brings you to the following page.

If you want to check that the fee is created correctly, then click on Fee Transactions on the left as you did earlier.

Note the arrow pointing to the new fees we just created. You have completed the fee creation for the student.