Processing Discounts

There are different ways of applying special Discounts in ePayTrak. In these examples, all transactions will be placed from the admin side.

Creating a Coupon

The best method is to create a coupon for your special discount. For example, you want to give a 50% discount to volunteers or employees. Create the product coupon with the right amount before you process the transaction. See the Coupon instructions located in these Help files. You will have the option of creating an order coupon or a product coupon. If you wish to discount the entire order, then choose the order coupon.

Best Procedures for Processing a Special Discount Order.

Create the order from the admin side and proceed as normal until you get to the payment screen as shown below.

Click the 'Defer Payment' Button to begin the payment. That will bring you to the order manager for that order that was just created as shown below.

Tip: You won't be able to add special discounts if you choose the Cash Payment, Check Payment or Internal Comp buttons.

Click 'Payments' from the left menu as shown above, and click 'Add New Payment' on the next screen.

Click the 'Record Payment' button and you will see the screen above. Choose the Payment Method, Change the Amount to, and mark the Status as Completed from the drop-down. Add any notes in the Status Notes you deem appropriate.

Click the 'Save' button.  

The Order will then display the correct payment amounts in the Deposits by Date report, the Department and Accounting Code Tender type reports. The order will now appear on the Class Enrollment Report even though the payment is $0. The balance in the Order will now be correct at $0.

You can also create a coupon for 100% off for a product or order. The public can process those orders and they will still appear on the Class Enrollment reports. You have multiple options in ePayTrak.

Please contact if you need additional information or have questions.