Product Descriptions

To Add Product Descriptions:

In the DESCRIPTIONS section for your product, you will be able to enter product information to give your customers instructions or other details. The Description field displays to the public when they click on the Product Name. However, it will NOT display on a Category listing or the Home Page or if the customer clicks on the Add to Cart button directly. The Summary field displays on the Category listing page. If you want to be absolutely sure the customer sees that information then you will want to put the information in both the Summary and Description fields!


    • Summary: A brief description of the product that can be used for the category listings or featured products. (max. 1000 characters) There is no .html editor for the Summary field but you can use the .html editor from the Description field. Depending on where you want your text to display, you would normally use the description field to enter specifics on the class/product. The Summary text is visible on default category displays but not the description field. There is no built-in .html edit for the Summary field yet. Simply add the text to the description field, click the .html button and copy and paste that formatting and text into the Summary window.


Below is an example of the PayTrak built-in HTML editor. By default, the Design button is selected. The Design sheet will allow you to use the built-in. .html editor. There are many features available: You can use tables, bullets, and adjust the size and style of the text similar a word editor. Shown below, I've formatted the $250 per semester text as Bold.  

To view the actual coding, click the HTML button at the bottom of the page. The preview will show you what your product's description will look like on the ePayTrak site. You can add/edit your description in .html if you have coding knowledge. You can simply select, copy and paste the .html coding into the Summary field if you would like to keep the same formatting as the description field.

Click and Drag to select the text. Right-click and select Copy. Click in the summary window, Right-click and choose Paste or Ctrl-V.

When the customer clicks the Transportation Category at the left, he will see the Summary field as shown below. Note the same bold text.


Adding a Hyperlink to your Description

You can add a hyperlink in your description by clicking on the icon that looks like a chain link as shown below.

In the example above, we are adding a hyperlink for the NY Botanical Garden Web site. Highlight the text first, then click on the Hyperlink Manager.

You will see a window like the one below. Enter the domain name in the URL box as shown below. If you wish to have your link open in a separate window (recommended), then click on the Target drop-down and choose New Window from the drop-down menu. Click the OK button when you are finished.


After completing your text, save the product/class. There is no separate save button within the editor any longer.

Other sections available after the Description field:

    • More Details: If you would like to include some additional product information, you can enter text into this field, this section has an .html editor. When there is data in this field, a link to more details will appear next to the Description title to the public. (no limit)


    • HTML HEAD: Enter the data to include in the HTML HEAD portion of the display page, such as Meta keywords and description, javascript, etc.

example input into the HTML HEAD field -
<meta name="description" content="my page description." />
<meta name="keywords" content="my keywords" />

    • Search Keywords: Enter product data like keywords and frequent misspellings. The information you enter here will always be used to find this product when your customers use the search form.

  1. Click the SAVE button when finished with this section.

  2. From the left-column menu, click the Preview tab to view your product as your customer would see it. Note the hyperlink and more details that now appear.