Product Management

Product Management Changes:

There are some nice, easy to use features to manage your products.

  • Product Archiving is available on this page. The Archive button is on the right which resembles a blue capital 'A'. You can Archive your products to remove them from your catalog if you no longer wish to use them in your store. You will find more details located in the Archive Products pages.

  • You will not be able to delete a product if there has been a purchase for that product/class. You can archive them instead. You will only see the Red X delete button if there have been no purchases for the product. In the image below, only the Digital Photography class can be deleted because there were no purchases of that product.



  • For best reporting, you will not be able to change a product or variant sku once the product has been purchased. Note:  If you are importing your products, most of the fields are now mapped in the import.