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Class Information

To Add Class information:

The Class Information section is optional but has some great features. Adding a Class Start Date will automatically add it to the Class Calendar. By adding Class End Dates and Class Start Times, you can prevent parents from registering their student for classes that have conflicting times. You can add Wait List capabilities from this screen as long as you have enabled Product Inventory in the Product Inventory section. (Wait List functionality also works at the Options and Variants inventory level.)

From the Edit Product page, click on the Product Details menu item. You need to click in the Class State Date box and choose a date from the drop-down calendar. That will enable to class to be displayed on the Class Calendar.

  1. Click in the Class End Date and select a date from the drop-down calendar. Then click on the Clocks to enter the Class Start Time and Class End Time.


  1. Select the Days of the Week to enable the Class Conflict functionality if you choose to use it.

  2. To enable or allow the Wait List, first you have to select Track Product or Track Variants in the Inventory Tracking field as shown above. (When the In Stock Number is reduced to Zero, the Add Wait List button will appear to the customer.)

  1. Enter your Stock Inventory level in the In Stock field. Low Stock is optional. The Allow Backorder must be unchecked for the Wait List to work. You can add an Original Inventory amount as a reference, but inventory works off the In Stock field.

  2. Then in the Class Information section, place a check in the Allow Wait List. There you will see many fields. These fields are optional. If you would like to utilize our class conflict capabilities, input the information as shown. You can choose if the fields display or not depending on the theme selection for your page. With this activated, a parent can't enroll the same student for two classes with conflicting times. The controls for the Class Conflict are on the Configure > Store page.

  3. If you are importing your products, almost all of these fields are now mapped in the import.

  4. Press the Save or Save and Close button when finished with this section.

How does it display to the Customer?

If a product/class is sold out and Wait List is enabled, the customer will see a similar screen to the one below. Select a Student from the Drop-down and click the Add to Wait List button.


After the customer clicks Add to Wait List they will see a message that they are on the Wait List. (If the customer doesn't click on the Wait List button, the message will not appear.)

When a space is available you can offer it to the first customer to join the Wait List. The Wait List Management section below has more information.