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Inventory Control

You have complete control with inventory in ePayTrak if you wish to use that functionality. Do you have a Class that you must limit the enrollment because you only have so many desks or spaces available? With ePayTrak, it's easy to setup the Class inventory. You can track the product or track the Option and Variant numbers. You must first have created the Options and Variants for that Class before the Track Variants choice is available on the drop-down.

To Use Inventory Control for your Product/Class:

If you have setup inventory control for your store, then you will be able to use the product-level inventory options. Even if you do not use inventory control, you can still use the minimum and maximum purchase feature.  

  1. In the INVENTORY CONTROL section, you will see fields for Min. Quantity and Max. Quantity. If desired, you may enter the minimum amount that a customer would need to purchase and/or a maximum amount that a customer can purchase. Normally, you would leave the default at zero. These settings don't control the inventory but how a customer can purchase a product.

  2. To enable inventory control for this product, select the Inventory Tracking option to 'Track Product'.

NOTE: If this product uses Options/Variants, then an additional selection for 'Track Variants' will appear in the drop-down menu as shown below. When tracking inventory at the option and variant level, you will enter the inventory levels from the Options/Variants page instead.  


  1. Enter the amount available for purchase In Stock. This is the actual amount of product in your inventory. The example above shows 200. This is shown to your customers. Options and Variants have their own stock levels.

  2. Enter the amount for Low Stock notification. When this level is reached, you will be notified with a Low Inventory e-mail.

  3. You can also add an Original Inventory number. This number is for history so you know what your inventory was before you offered the class online. The actual inventory count doesn't use this field for calculations but the In Stock field. This field's data will now be copied when copying a product.

  4. If you want to allow customers to purchase a product that has 0 (or less) in stock, then check the box for Allow Backorder. If you leave this box unchecked, then a customer will not be able to purchase an item that is not in your inventory. You also have the option of using a Wait List which is covered in more detail in another section.

  5. Click the SAVE button when finished with this section.

When you are using Inventory Control, you can easily restock your inventory levels by going to Manage > Inventory. By default, any product that has met the Low Stock threshold will appear on the low inventory management page.