Product Reports



This chapter shows you different reports under the Product Reports including; Popular Products, Popular Categories; Top Products and Inventory by Sku.  

Links are provided below to access those reports from this page.

These reports are helpful but for the most accurate sales data, I would recommend our Finance reports.

 This section covers the following topics:
  • Popular Categories  - This report shows all the customer Views of your categories.

  • Popular Products  - This report shows all the customer Views by products.

  • Top Products  -  This report shows all Sales for the best products with a total for each product.

  • Inventory by Sku - This report shows all your inventory levels for all your products.

  • Low Inventory - Shows your current inventory levels that are at or below the Low Stock Levels you establish.

  • Product Sales Breakdown - Shows sales by product for a time period you select.

  • Sku Listing Report - A quick reference of all skus being used with the associated product name.

  • Reports - Additional hyperlinks to help navigate these help files.