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Taxes and Shipping

To Add Tax and Shipping options:

In the TAXES & SHIPPING section, you can add the information needed to calculate shipping and taxes.

  1. Change the Shippable option to 'Yes' so shipping rates are calculated on checkout. For digital delivery, you would use a Shippable option of 'No'. For items that are oversized or have some special shipping requirement, select 'Ship Separately'.

  2. The Ship Cost field can be used as an optional Shipping method. The Ship Cost field is the simplest shipping available in ePayTrak. It is a flat fee that you enter in the Ship Cost field. The Weight and Dimensions would not be necessary. This field gives you greatest flexibility with your product shipping and there is no need to configure a 3rd party shipping company (integrated carrier) if you wish to use this simple method.

  3. Enter the product Weight in the units specified. Not necessary for Flat Rate shipping.

  4. Enter the product Dimensions. It is not always necessary to enter product dimensions, however, the rates calculated may be more accurate if you do. If the dimensions are entered for large packages, the dimensional weight will be used if it exceeds the actual weight. Enter only if using an Integrated Carrier.

  5. If this product uses a different Warehouse, and I would recommend it, then select it here. A different warehouse will create a new shipment during checkout. You can add a Warehouse by clicking on Configure > Shipping > Warehouses.

  6. If this product should be taxed, according to how you previously setup your tax rules, then select 'Taxable' for the Tax Code. (You can create Tax Rules by Zip Code by going to Configure > Taxes > Tax Rules.)

  7. If desired, enter the Cost of Goods. This will information will only appear in some reports.

  8. If you have setup a Vendor for this product, you may select it here. Enabling this feature will send your vendor a 'Packing Slip' e-mail notification.

  9. Click the SAVE button when finished with this section.