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Ticket Information

To Add Ticket Information:

If you are selling tickets to a performance and are utilizing all the functionality for ticketing within ePayTrak, you will need to complete the Ticket Information section for your product.

From the Edit Product page, click on the Product Details menu item. You will see a separate section for Ticket Information. Click the small arrow at the right to expand this section as shown below. At this time, only General Admission Events are available but we are working on making Reserved Seating a possibility in the future.

Enter the Start Times and Event End Times. You can turn off selling tickets to the public at a certain time so you only have Box Office sales.



You will also want to select the venue from the drop-down menu. There is a hyperlink below with instructions how to create your venue. You will not be able to add the Ticket Event without a venue. Venues are normally created by ePayTrak personnel prior to your ticketing going 'live'.

See the Ticket Event section for additional information regarding Ticket Events.