Recurring Billing

ePayTrak gives you the ability to establish Recurring Billing for your customers from the Admin side. Another feature of ePayTrak also gives your customers the ability to create Recurring Billing for themselves, a feature that can be toggled on or off. The setting is located under Configure > Store as shown below. Place a check in the 'Hide Recurring Orders on Public Website' if you don't want your customers to create a recurring billing schedule. (recommended)

By default, when your site is configured this option will be turned off. However, you can create recurring billing from the admin side in two different ways. The instructions on this page refer to creating a billing schedule in advance during order creation for day care or similar recurring option. Now you can create a recurring schedule from within the order in the Order Manager, when unpaid order transactions are accepted. Instructions for our newest recurring feature is found here.

Create a Recurring Order

  1. To place an order from the Admin side and setup Recurring billing in advance go to People > Users.  

  2. Click the Edit button next to the User's name. That will give you a screen with the User's profile.  

There are several methods that will accomplish this task covered in more detail on the New Orders Page.

  1. Scroll down until you see the Create Order section.  

  2. Click the 'Create Order' button to begin the order process.  

  3. Enter select text in the Find Product Box and click 'Search'. I entered child in the example below.  

In this example, we used the variable price Product of Child Care Monthly as our Product.


  1. Click the Green Plus sign, fill in the amount (here we used $200) then click Save. (You can't use the Cash or Check buttons for payment to establish a recurring order.)

That will bring you to a Create Order screen as shown below. (You can't use the Cash or Check buttons for payment to establish a recurring order.)

  1. Then click 'Place Order' to get to the billing screen. In the Shipping & Payment section you will see the existing credit card which may vary depending on the gateway being used.

  1.   Check the box for This is a recurring order.

You have the choices of Deliver Every X amount of days that you select, Deliver Every Week On a specific day or choose Deliver Every Month On a particular day of the month or Deliver on the Last Day of Every Month option. Here I have chosen the 11th day of every month. So this order will process 6/11/2021, 7/11/2021, 8/11/2021, 9/11/2021, 10/11/2021, 11/11/2021 and 12/11/3021 as per the schedule indicated in the Start Date and End Date Fields.

  1. Add a Description. The Description field is required.  

  2. Then click the 'Finalize Payment' button. This will bring you to the Users page as this will not process a transaction until June 11th.

To view the newly created recurring schedule, go to Manage > Recurring Orders.

Shown below is the newly created schedule. The Start date is correct and correctly shows there are 7 transactions left.


For more information on editing or deleting recurring order schedules select the hyperlink below for Recurring Orders.