There are many different transaction reports available in ePayTrak.

This page gives you convenient links to those reports.

This chapter covers the following reports available in ePayTrak:

  • Finance Reports - Reports that show transactions, tender types, amounts and much more.

  • Roster Reports -  Many reports for reporting who is attending the product/class.

  • Forms Reports - Separate reports for products that utilize Product Templates.

  • Product Reports
  • Transaction Reports - Includes Order Item Reports, Ticket Door Reports and Transactions by Date and many more.

  • Taxes - A report of Sales Taxes that were collected by Sales Tax Rules.
  • Student Client Reports - Reports for specific customers, participants and students.

  • Student Fee Reports - Many reports for schools that utilize our student fees functionality.

  • Ticket Reports - Reports for ticket events.
  • Accounting Code List - A list of all accounting codes utilized by your ePayTrak site.
  • Department List - A list of all department codes being utilized.
  • Missing Accounting Code Report - A very handy report to determine if any of your products don't have an accounting code.

  • Navigation Links - Additional hyperlinks to help navigate these help files.

Below are additional reports that are generic in nature and not as detailed as reports listed above.

Sales Reports -  Two reports;Daily Sales Reports and Monthly Sales Report