Shipping Items

Any shippable product that is purchased will be part of a shipment for the order. A new order can have multiple shipments when either of the following conditions apply:  

  • The customer has chosen to ship to multiple destinations. (A new shipment will be created for each destination)

  • The products purchased are from different warehouses. (A new shipment will be created for each warehouse)

NOTE: Each product has a Shippable setting.  The options are Yes (item is shippable), No (digital file or no shipping involved), or Separately (calculates rates separately, but does not create a new shipment).

When an order has a shipment, you will be able to perform a number of changes like ship all or part of an order, add tracking numbers, print packing lists, or modify a shipment. This document covers the basic shipping feature.   

To Ship an Order:

REQUIREMENTS: The ship button will only appear for shipments that have not been shipped.

  1. From the Shipments page, click the SHIP ITEMS button located below a shipment.

  2. You will see the Ship Order page as shown in the example.

  3. If all items are being shipped, then enter a Tracking Number if applicable, and click the SHIP button.

  4. If you wish to only ship part of the shipment, then change the Quantity to the number being shipped. Remaining items will be placed into another shipment when you click the SHIP button.

  5. When you are returned to the Shipments page, you will notice that the Ship Date is recorded for this shipment.  

    Optional information such as a tracking number or special delivery instructions may be shown as well.

To Edit a Shipment:

REQUIREMENTS: The edit button will appear for any shipment.   

  1. From the Shipments page, click the EDIT button located below a shipment.

  2. This will take you to the Edit Shipment page.


  3. The Edit Shipment page gives you the ability to change the shipping address, change the number of items shipped, change pricing, or add special delivery instructions.

  4. If you want to remove an item from your order, then change the Quantity to "0".

  5. If you want to change the number of items being shipped, then enter a new Quantity.

  6. If you want to change the Price of any item, enter it in the Price column.

  7. When finished, click the SAVE button.

NOTE:  If you change the Quantity of items shipped from the Edit Shipment page, it will not create a new shipment. If you modify the items in a shipment, you may need to manually adjust any taxes, shipping charges, or payments already made.

To Add a Shipment:

If you need to add a new shipping destination, then you should create a new shipment. The merge and split shipment features can create new shipments as well.  

  1. From the Shipments page, click the ADD A NEW SHIPMENT button located below a shipment.

  2. This will take you to the Add New Shipment page.


  3. Select an existing address, or add a new one. This is the "Ship To" address.

  4. Select a "Shipping Method" from the available options.

  5. Enter a "Shipping Charge" for the new shipment. You can change it later by editing the shipment.

  6. You may enter a "Shipping Message" which might include any special delivery instructions.

  7. When finished, click the SAVE NEW SHIPMENT button.

  8. The Shipments page will be updated. The new shipment will be added to the order.

TIP:  To add items to the new shipment, you can use the MERGE feature or the SPLIT feature. If you need to change the order and add an item, then you would want to go to Edit Order Items page instead.