Should I use a Product Template or a Custom Form for my product?

We are often asked, Should I use a Product Template or a Custom Form? The Product Template is generally the better choice but it depends on your needs.

Some advantages of the Product Template.

  • Easier to create.

  • Can be used for multiple products.

  • A new Forms Report Entry is created every time you attach a template to a product. They are listed by Product Name.

  • Forms Reports combine some financial information with all the data the customer entered. Easy to export.

  • The product template fields appear as soon as you click on the product creating a smooth workflow for the customer.

Some disadvantages of Product Templates.

  • Only a Text box can be a required field.

  • Date/Phone and other filters are not available.

  • Detailed instructions can't be included in the Product Template.

  • You can not edit fields in a product template after purchases are made or you will lose data!

  • Not very customizable.

Some advantages of the Custom Form.

 Most Minnesotan schools prefer a Custom Form for annual Athletic Participation forms. Here are a few reasons:

  • It can display complicated fields and pages of text.

  • More required field ability, including filters for data entry.

  • Easy to create new forms year to year by exporting and importing.

  • If a custom form is completed by the parent for one sport (football for example) that form will not appear to the customer if the student registers for another sport in the spring (like baseball).

  • Parents can view or Edit the forms if enabled on your ePayTrak site.