Student Fee Adjustments

There might be several reasons why you want to make adjustments to Student Fees, over-payment of the Student Fee, or fee payment was made for a lost book and the book was returned for example.

Here are the steps to resolve fee payment for a lost book that was paid for and returned, creating the need to refund the payment. These steps only apply if the payment was cash or check. You can simply refund the credit card if that was used for payment.

Student Fee Refund Procedure

There are several ways you can locate the student fees but if the fee is already paid, I'd recommend the following:

  1. Go to Manage > View Student Fees.  Enter the student name or ID. I entered the last name of Baird. Click Filter and you will see a screen similar to the one below.

  2. Click on View Student next to the fee of choice. I clicked on View Student next to the Library Fee at the bottom.

You will see a screen similar to the one below, a snapshot of all the fees for that student.

  1. Click View Payments next to the order for Art Class Material fee and you'll see the Order Number.


  1. Click the order number 272 to open the order in the Order Manager.


  1. The Order Manager reveals that this order was a Credit Card payment so we will need to adjust the order and issue a refund.

Note: You can adjust the order first or process the refund first. The order you complete the tasks doesn't really matter. A cash order would have slightly different steps. You could adjust the payments to reflect you gave them their money back.

  1. Click Payments on the Left side menu, visible above.

  1. Click Issue Refund in the Tasks Drop-down. Click the Blue 'Go' arrow.


  1. The next screen you enter the amount. By default the order total is seen in the Refund Amount box. (If your site collects Surcharge Fees, there might be an additional cost in the order. You would not normally refund the surcharge.)

  1. I entered $14 in the Refund Amount box and in the Order Lines area at the bottom right. Since this fee was already paid, we need to show the book was returned and we need to reimburse the student fee payment so I entered some text in the Note to Customer field. The customer will receive an e-mail after you refund the payment.

  2. Click the Refund button. That refund shows on the Payments tab as a success in the image below.

  1. Next, you will want to click 'Edit Order Items' on the left side window.


  1. Click the Drop Class button next to Art Class Materials Fee. Note in the image below, Art Class Materials now displays as zero and you can see (faintly perhaps) there is a checkbox in Dropped and is 'grayed-out'.

  1. Click on the Summary tab to make sure the Order balance is now $0.

As you can see, the remaining balance is zero and the Order Status is Completed.

If there were no surcharges applied, you could cancel the order and not have to remove the product in the Edit Order Items section.