Applying Student Fee Credits or Fee Waivers

There might be several reasons why you want to apply Student Fee credits to another Student Fee, over-payment of a Student Fee, or credit issued due to a returned lost book for example. If you are going to create a fee waiver, you can skip to step #9.

Generally, these steps would apply to a check payment. You wouldn't normally create an overpayment with a credit card or cash.

Applying Student Fee Credit Procedure

I'm going to create an overpayment scenario in the following steps so we can apply that overpayment to a future Student Fee.

  1. Locate the student under Manage > View Student Fees.

  2. Click on View Student.

  1. Then click in the box in the 'Add to Cart' column for the fee to be paid.

  1. Click 'Create Order'.

  2. Enter the amount of the check in the Price box (if it's more from the balance due) and click 'Recalculate'. In the example below, I added the $22 Science Lab Fee to the cart but entered $50 in the Price box (and clicked Recalculate)

  1. Enter the Check Number in the box and click 'Complete Order with Check Payment'. That will bring you to the completed order in the Order Manager.

  1. Go to Manage>View Student Fees to locate the student. Click View Student.

Note the -$28.00 balance because of our overpayment. That minus balance can be applied to another student fee. You won't be able to apply a student fee credit if there are no other fees for the student.


  1. To apply the -$28.00 balance to the Band Rental Student Fee, click 'Add to Cart' on the Band Rental Fee line and 'Create Order'. In the scenario here, we will apply a $272 check and $28 credit to the $300 Band Rental fee.

  1. Click 'Place Order', do not use the Cash or Check Payment buttons in this scenario, you will not be able to apply the student credit if you do. Then click 'Defer Payment' to continue the process as shown below. For a Fee Waiver, skip to step #11.

  1. That will take to the newly created order and you will see the Payment Pending Status. (Some schools might have additional fees as shown in the example below, but it does not change the following steps.)


  1. Click the 'Payments' tab at the left to begin paying for this order. Click Add a New Payment. Skip to Step #13.


  1. Select pay with a Credit and choose the $28 credit from the Drop-down and then change the line item amount to $28.00 for the Band Rental Student Fee. Press 'Save'.

This will take you to the next page that shows you completed the $28 payment from the student credit.

  1. For the Student History to be correct, you should complete the payments for the new order. Click the Add a New Payment button. Click Record Payment to pay the balance of this order. You can use Record Payment for a full payment or a partial payment.

I adjusted the payment in this case to $283 to include the fee. Click Save.

Go to Manage>View Student Fees. Click View Student next to the student, in this case Roselle Abernethy.

Note that all the fees have been have been paid, as shown below.

You can click the 'View Payments' links to view how the fees were paid. These steps apply to both an overpayment of a previous fee and/or if you added a minus amount Student Fee for credit to the Student History.