Paying Student Fees/Public

These instructions are basically intended for the Public but I believe it is helpful to see how the Parents/Guardians make their student fees payments online with ePayTrak. New integration improvements with Student Fees have made this process much simpler.

Once a parent has created a SmartSchool user account, they click to pay their fees and are transferred to ePayTrak. With Smartschool improvements, parents will no longer need to create a separate user account because Smartschool does that for you in one place.

You should no longer need to enter your students manually if you are using integration with SmartSchool either.

If your school requires you to use a Participant or Student ID for purchases or student fees that number will be imported also. No more adding Student IDs.

Find Student Fees

If your school uses the My Fees functionality of ePayTrak, the school will add all necessary fees to your account. If a parent logs in, they will see on the Home Page if they have unpaid fees. An example is shown below. Note the Red arrow pointing to the Click Here link.


To view those fees, click that link. That brings you to the My Fees page. If that link isn't being utilized on the Home page, the parent can always click Account at the top right and then Click on Fees at the left. Brings you to the same page as the hyperlink.



Pay Fees Online

After clicking 'My Fees', you will see a screen similar to the one below with all the fees that are due. In this case, there are two fees listed for Art Class because there are two students with similar fees in the family. Click in the 'Add to Cart' box and 'Pay Selected Fees' to begin paying those fees.


You then land on the My Basket page as shown below. The student will already be selected and grayed out so you can't make changes and the payment will be for the correct student.

After clicking the 'Checkout' button, you enter the first screen of the Checkout process. Also, you can verify the total and check the Order Summary to the right, to ensure all information is correct. If all the information is accurate, click the Click to Pay and Complete Your Order button to proceed with the Checkout.

In the example above, the user already had a credit card number associated with his account.

When you click the 'Add New Payment Method' button from the Checkout page, that will open the scriplet window as shown below. Your credit card number is never stored in ePayTrak for additional security. When you enter your credit card information with, it only passes back a 4 digit token of your card. Your screen may differ depending on the gateway being used for your ePayTrak store.

After pressing 'Save' you will see the screen below. Click 'Click to Pay and Complete Your Order' to complete your payment.

After you click the 'Click to Pay and Complete Your Order' button, you will see a Processing screen. After the payment has been made, you will see a confirmation screen as shown below. You will also receive a confirming e-mail delivered to your e-mail address. Congratulations! You have completed the process of paying for a fee online with ePayTrak.