Themes and Display Pages

Display Settings

You can personalize your multisite ePayTrak store with several options on this page.

To Change your ePayTrak site:

The theme is automatically selected for you by default prior to your site going live. You can view this on Website > Display Settings. In the Default Theme section at the top of the page, you will see a drop-down menu next to Store Theme. Click the down arrow to select the Theme of your choice. The Admin Theme is not changeable at this time. 


There are Global Settings available here. You can change the Font-Family and the background color. You can hide the Class Calendar and you can Hide the Popular Products Bar that appears on the right side of the Home page.

You can also customize your Home Page Settings. If you click on Features Items, you will see the products that have been selected as Featured at the Product level. Notice on the right side of the image is the Popular Products bar.


If you click on Default Category, you can choose what category you want displayed on the Home Page from the drop-down menu. Remember to Save your changes at the bottom of the page. I selected Athletic Tickets. When you go to the Homepage, that category will appear in the center of the page.


You can also choose HTML Content. You add your text on this page and it will display on the home page.

You see that same text on the Home page. You can add .html tags to format your text.