Ticket Count by Show

You can access the Ticket Count by Show Report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Ticket Reports > Ticket Count by Show. The Ticket Count by Show report displays all the tickets that were purchased for each show.  

For the search criteria, I left the Sku field blank with a date range of 11/1/2015 through 12/29/2015. You can print this page with a printer friendly report by clicking on the printer icon. You can also export the report in the .csv format for manipulation in Excel.


This report is intended to give a report for one show but if you leave the Sku blank, all shows in the date range selected will appear. Enter the Sku for the show in question and you will see a similar report as shown below. I entered LK091115 as the Sku with an open date range.


This is a quick snapshot of each show you present at your school. The data will appear if the show had reserved seating or was general admission.