Ticket Events E-Mail Receipts

Assigning Skus to an E-mail Template

We have recently changed the e-mail templates. If you select Ticket Event for the product, that product will automatically be assigned to the Mobile format receipt. No longer will you need to assign them manually.

Go to Configure > E-mail >Templates.

You will see a list of all templates as shown below.


Note: This doesn't change that you must add the event to the exclusion list for your 'general' receipt template, normally the Participant Receipt.

The customer will see a bar coded format receipt in that e-mail. If you make no other changes, your customer will receive two receipts. The default receipt which is usually the Participant Receipt and the Mobile Format Receipt. The Mobile Format Receipt, must include a bar code for utilization by the ePayTrak Door Entry application.

If you want the customer to only receive one receipt for a ticket events (highly recommended) then you can follow the steps below.

Excluding Products from e-Mail Receipts

First, identify which receipt is the default receipt. Look for the triggers of Order Paid.

Click the blue edit button next to the Participant Receipt.

Scroll down to the exclusion section.

Click the down-arrow to select your product by Sku. In this case it will be MP0501. The most recently added Skus will appear at the bottom. Products that are archived will no longer be available for this drop-down. You can also enter the Sku manually instead of searching the drop-down.

Once you see your product in the window, click the Add Product button.

Customers who purchase tickets for this Mary Poppins performance will not receive the default Participant Receipt, only the ticket receipt with barcode. You need to exclude all ticket events from the 'default' Participant e-mail template.

Save your changes by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the screen.