Ticket Product Checklist for General Admission Seating

Below is a list of all the steps necessary in ePayTrak to have a successful ticket product.

These steps are similar if you're using the mPOS app for other products such as Spirit Wear. Just ignore steps 3 and 9-15.

  1. Create your new product with an appropriate SKU and Product Name and Date.

  2. Add your price in the Price box.

  3. If your pricing structure is only governed by Adult or student for example, you need to add those prices in the Pricing and Qualifications section and leave the Price box in the Basic Info section at $0.

  4. Click Hide Price if desired. (recommended if you have more than one price to help prevent customer confusion)

  5. If you would like your customers to purchase tickets as a guest on the Web via ePayTrak, select the Allow Guest Checkout box.

  6. If you plan on selling tickets on the mPOS application on your iPad, check the Show in mPOS box.

  7. Also check to make sure the Show in mPOS box is checked for the category your product resides.

  8. In the Inventory Control box, select Track Product and enter your amount of seats available in the In Stock box. You can also enter the same amount in the Original Inventory box. (optional)

  9. In the Ticket Information section, check the Is General Admission and Is Ticket Event boxes.

  10. Add the Event Date.

  11. Add the Event Start Time. If desired, select the Event End Time.

  12. Add the appropriate ticket text. Your text must be entered with the appropriate .html tags. By default, the ticket text is now copied from the ticket template, you will only need to update it for the new event.

  13. Be sure Attach PDF tickets is selected, especially if you plan on scanning tickets on the event date.

  14. Add the same sku in the exclusion box in the e-mail template that is selected to generate e-mail templates on all non-ticket purchases. Usually the participant e-mail template is the default. This will prevent your customers from receiving two e-mail receipts. Please check with ePayTrak personnel prior to your attempt if you have questions.

On the Configure > Store > General Settings page there are some global settings that must also be selected. Those will be entered by ePayTrak personnel prior to your ticket sales going live.

  1. Allow Guest Checkout. Only products that have Allow Guest Checkout will that occur, but this global setting must be selected to utilize that product option.

  2. The Print Tickets must have Bar Code selected in the Print Tickets drop-down.

  3. The Cart Ticket timer must have a setting in minutes.  Seven or more minutes is recommended.

  4. Ticket Color must have the .html color code entered.