Ticket Sales Products General Admission

The most basic of the steps for a successful ticket event in ePayTrak is the product creation for General Admission seating. This section is designed to be used as an overview for ticket events for general admission events or for non-ticket events that you would like to sell on the mPOS app.

Begin by clicking Add New Product on the right side in the Category > Browse section.

That opens a new product.

  • Enter the Name, Sku, and Price as desired. Notice until you click Save, the Show in mPOS selection is not yet available.

  • Click Save to save your work.

It is no longer Alas, the Show in mPOS selection is there. Click in the box.

In this ticket event, we will add $10 for Adult pricing and $8 for Student pricing in the Pricing and Qualifications section as seen below.

Enter the seat name of Student Seat and the Price of $8. Click Add. (I've already added the Adult Seat price.)

Proceed to the Accounting Information section and select your Accounting Code and Department Code.

You want to track the inventory in this product because you don't want to oversell the event.

  • Choose Track Product for Inventory Tracking.

  • Our demo theatre capacity is 400 so I entered 400 in the In Stock box.

Then enter the appropriate ticket information. (If this is for a Spirit Wear or other mPOS non-ticket product, skip the Ticket Information section.)

Complete the Ticket Information Section.

  • Check Is Ticket Event.

  • Check Is General Admission Event.

  • Enter Event Date.

  • If you would like e-mail receipts with .pdf attachments for orders placed in mPOS, select that box.

  • Enter Start Time.

  • Enter approximate End Time.

  • Select Venue.

  • Enter ticket text with appropriate .html coding, so the tickets created from the .pdf attachments will be spaced correctly.

Then enter a Product Description. Click Save. You are finished.

For more detailed information creating products, check the Products, Add Edit section.

What the customer will see when purchasing this product.

The customer can add an Adult Seat or Student seat. Note the appropriate pricing we added in the Pricing and Qualifications section.

The customer added one Adult Seat and one Student Seat. This is what the customer sees.


You will want to add this product to exclusion list of the Participant or 'default' e-mail receipt or the customer will receive two e-mail receipts. (less of a problem than no receipt perhaps.)