Ticket Seat Details

You can access the Ticket Seat Details report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Ticket Reports > Ticket Seat Details. The Ticket Seat Details Report displays all the ticket seats that were purchased. This report can be used for reserved seating which is not an option on Multisite at this time.

For the search criteria, I entered the Sku for ticket event show I wanted to view. You can print this page with a printer friendly report by clicking on the printer icon.


Or, you can export this report using the Export to the Selected format drop-down. You have many formats to select, including .pdf, Rich Text, .csv and other format types.  

I would recommend using the .csv format for viewing and manipulating the data in Excel. In the example above, the report was 4 pages, I condensed it to show the total at the bottom. In Excel, you can sort by seat number to easily view which tickets have been sold. For best results, I would recommend checking the Use Product Sku box in the search criteria at the top of the report.