Transaction Details - Report

You can access the Transaction Details Report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Transaction Reports > Transaction Details. A report that gives you a list with access to all the details of any transaction on your ePayTrak store. You can select different months, years or you can select the Calendar Click-Down to get a calendar to select the date range. The printable report can also be exported to file. There are many filters to help you get the information you desire, Username, First Name, Last Name and Transaction ID.

HTML Report

The HTML Report displays the Order Number, Amount, Associated Student, Student ID and other information. You can click on 'Details' to bring you to the Order Manger for that specific Order Number or you can click 'Print' to open a Print window to print the order.

Printable Report

The Printable Report automatically gives you a portrait size report without having to adjust your printer settings with the same information as the HTML Report. You can also export the Transaction Details Report by clicking on the Select Export Format drop-down. You have many formats to select, including .pdf, Excel, .csv and other format types. The Transaction Details report includes the Order Number for reference.


NOTE: The Transaction Details Report will display each transaction on one line, including transactions with multiple line items.  Shipping, coupons and taxes will be included in the amount but not shown separately.  Refunds, including partial refunds will display as separate line items as shown above with order #124 above.