Transactions by Date - Report

You can access the Transactions by Date Report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Transaction Reports > Transactions by Date. You can select either an HTML Report to view or a Printable Report. The printable report can also be exported to file.  

HTML Report

The HTML Report breaks down each transaction separately with Order#, User, Associated Student and more for each transaction.  

Printable Report

The Printable Report displays the same information as the HTML report in a printer-friendly format. You can also export the Transactions by Date Report by clicking on the Select Export Format drop-down. You have many formats to select, including .pdf, Excel, .csv and other format types.


NOTE: Orders will appear on one line, except when there is a Surcharge Fee applied to an order. Refunds, including partial refunds will appear as separate line items on the Transactions by Date Report also.