Transactions by Student ID

You can access the Transaction by Student ID Report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Student/Client Reports > Transactions by Student ID. This report gives you a list with access to all the details of any transaction on your ePayTrak store by a Student ID. The Printable Report can also be exported to file. This report is ideal for trying to locate students who might not have the same last name as their guardians/parents.

HTML Report

The HTML Report breaks down the order transactions that have been placed for the associated student. Click on Details and you will get all the information in the Order Manager. Filters for Student First and Student Last name increase the flexibility of this report.

Printable Report

The Printable Report automatically gives you a printer-friendly report with the same information as the HTML Report. You can also export the View Transactions by Student ID by clicking on the Select Export Format drop-down. You have many formats to select, including .pdf, Rich Text, .csv and other format types. We added Student First and Student Last name fields for easier searching.

NOTE: Because additional fees, shipping, and taxes are associated with the order and not the student, the criteria selected for the report is important. Those items will appear if no student ID or name filters are applied as shown above. If your search includes a Student ID or name, those items will not appear.