User Groups

There are ten different default User Groups available in ePayTrak. These User Groups will make it easier for the System Administrator to assign the correct User Group to the individual needs of your staff members.

  • Catalog Menu User - Only the Catalog Menu is accessible.

  • Configure Menu User - Only the Configure Store Menu is accessible.

  • Manage Menu User - Only the Manage Menu is available. This will permit access to the Order Manager.

  • Marketing Menu User - Only the Marketing Menu is available.

  • People Menu User - Only the People Menu is available.

  • Reports Menu User - Only the Reports Menu is available.

  • School Admin - Has access to almost all menus. Can change most user profiles but not Super Users.

  • Super Users - Has access to all information. Can change all users. You will not have access to this level.

  • Website Menu User - Has access to only the Website Menu.

  • Catalog Menu User (Limited) - This new group allows you to give an admin user rights to most of the site, but you can restrict access so not all menus are available.

You can also combine several user types for a single ePayTrak user. Hold the Control Key and click on another group to add another user group to a user.

  • You can also add a User Group that will be used for Group Membership discounts. This is outlined in the Group Membership section.

You can create a User group to limit admin access to only portions of the catalog. For example, in a large school district you might not want your Middle School admin people to have access to the High School catalog.  

  • Create the new user account if necessary.

  • In the example below, I'm creating a group called Limited Catalog Group that will limit some users to certain catalog items.

  • Create the Group Name. Select the permissions you wish that user to have. In this case, the user has all school admin rights except for limited catalog access. Click 'Save' when you have selected the Permissions Groups you want. (You can add more than one by holding the Control key while clicking.)

  • After saving, you will see your new entry on the list. Limited Catalog Group.


  • Click the 'Users' icon to edit your newly created group.

  • That will show you this screen below.

  • Click in the In Group checkbox to make this user part of the group. Once you click that box, you will see all users in that group. In this case, this is the only user.


  • Select the categories you want that user to have access, and click 'Save Categories' when completed.

  • In the example above, I didn't select Valley High Community Ed Classes since this admin user doesn't work at Valley High.

  • That will give you a user with school admin access with only some limitations in the catalog.

  • This might be especially useful for schools with ticket event functionality. You can create a user with limited rights within the Web version of ePayTrak for all the rights necessary for operating the mPOS iPad application.