Add a Venue for a Ticket Event:

Venues are used for ePayTrak's ticket functionality. You must have a venue selected for ticket sales to work. Creating the Venue is usually performed by ePayTrak personnel prior to your site going live. You can create your own venue if it's for General Admission only.

Go to Catalog > Venues.

The window below shows an existing venue, the Twin Cities Performing Arts Center.

To add another venue:

  • Click the Add Venue button.

You will see this screen.

  • Add the Venue Name and all the information as shown above.

  • Click the Add Venue button when completed.

You will see the new venue we just added. The address information is important, because a Google map will show the location to the public in ePayTrak.

You've completed a new venue setup, which is attached at the product level.

This will be done by ePayTrak personnel before your site goes live. There are sections for venues with recent improvements for tickets. You might see venue section names on your site. Please do not delete these items or the seat map will not load correctly.


A google map image of the mythical Twin Cities Performing Arts Center is shown. Your venue address will appear for your location.