View Student Fees

We have added functionality for finding sets and subsets of students.  Navigate to Manage > View Student Fees. You can now find a group of fees by School, Grade, Sku, Student ID, or First or Last Name of the Student. You can also delete selected fees from this page, individually or in batch. This great feature should be very useful in Student Fee Management.

You can also sort by Last Name, Student ID, or by Active Status students.

In the example below, I've chosen several filters. I want to find all grade 6 students from Gallow School who have Open Payments Only, whether they are active or inactive. If you want to see all fees, paid or unpaid, then you can uncheck the Open Payments Only. Open Payments only refers to fees that are not paid or partially paid.



If you wish to find a specific fee for one school, you can do that also. In the example below, I want to see all students in the 7th grade who have the CC2020 fee. Notice, there is a student fees that has already been paid. The Paid Date is included on this screen as is the overall Student balance.


There are numerous ways to apply these filters. By clicking the Red X at the right as shown above, you can delete one fee. Or you can place a check in the Delete Fee column and then click the 'Delete Fees' button at the lower right to mass delete the fees you wish.