Volume Discounts

To Add a new Volume Discounts:

  1. Browse to Marketing > Volume Discounts.

  2. Click Add Discount to create a new volume discount.

  1. Name your Discount. In the example below, I named it Mug Discount.  

  1. Choose from the Base on drop-down box. I selected Quantity of Line Item because I'm creating a Volume Discount for anyone who purchases more than one mug.

  2. Next, add the Discount Level.


  1. I added 2 in the Minimum box and entered 4 in the Maximum Box. I want to give the customer a 10% discount in this case if they buy 2, 3, or 4 mugs.

  1. Select Percent from the drop-down.

  2. I want this to be a specific Discount Scope to only one product so I clicked Specific to select it.

  3. Click Change to select the Coffee Mug product.

  1. Enter the Product Name and click Search.

  1. The Coffee Mug product is added. Click Add and Finish.

That returns you to this page, click Save to save your new Volume Discount. Your Volume Discount is complete.

What does the customer see?

In the screen capture shown below, you'll see the Mug Discount under Available Discounts.


A customer can still add one of more of the same color. In this example, I added one White Mug and one Red Mug. The Volume Discount is automatically applied.

You can create the Volume Discount by $ amounts or line items for a product or a complete order.

Note: Volume discounts will not function properly if site is utilizing two banks for their store.