Wait List Management

When you create your Product or class in ePayTrak, you have the ability to track Inventory levels and create a Wait List for your Product. Once you have assigned a Product to enable the Wait List functionality, your customers will be able to click on 'Add to Wait List' and receive a confirmation e-mail when they join a Wait List. You can manage and control that Wait List if you navigate to Manage > Wait List. Below is an example of a Wait List.



You will see the User Name, First Name, Last Name, Date and the Class Name (Product Name) if customer placed himself on the Wait List. In the example above, the inventory level was set to one due to a refund. When there is an opening, you will be able to add a customer to the class. You will see the  'Add to Cart' link at the right. This Add to Cart link will appear when the inventory level is at 1 or greater. The Date Field shows the date the student joined the Wait List. You can click on Add to Cart and add the person to the Physics I class, and this will remove this person from the Wait List. You can also delete a person from the Wait List if they are no longer interested by clicking the Red 'X' icon.

Join a Wait List

A customer will see a screen similar to the one below with a Product that has a Wait List. The customer only needs to click on the Add to Wait List button to join a Wait List for a Product. The customer will receive an e-mail notification when they click on Wait List and see an on-screen message that they joined the Wait List.