Yearly Sales by Customer Report

You can access the Yearly Sales by Customer Report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Student/Client Reports > Yearly Sales by Customer Report. The Yearly Sales by Customer Report will include all transactions for all Students/Participants assigned to a User account.

This report was designed to function with donor management. As you can see below, there are many filters for this report. You can search by Year, a specific customer by e-mail address and you can set the date range. You can assign categories for your donors on the Configure > Store page with a corresponding dollar amount. In this case, there is a Bronze member category from $250-$499. Since I used the donor category in my filter search, it found only bronze members. No other customers will be included in the report.

Even if you don't have donor categories established on your ePayTrak site, this report will still function nicely. It will show all customer transaction totals for the date range you selected.

Like most other reports, this report can be exported in a variety of formats.