Yearly Sales by Participant Report

You can access the Yearly Sales by Participant Report from the Menu drop-down. Reports > Student/Client Reports> Yearly Sales by Participant Report.   

This report is designed to work with the donation functionality newly added in ePayTrak. If you aren't using donation categories on your site, this report will show student transaction totals regardless of the amounts. Note the different donation categories created on this demo site. There are four categories: Bronze Member, Silver Member, Gold Member and Platinum Member. Notice the different amounts associated with the categories.

You can search for just one student by entering a first and last name. If you have assigned donation categories but don't choose a category, it will show only the students with transaction totals of less than $250 in this case. If you choose the Gold Member on the drop-down for your report, it will show all students with transaction totals between $1,000 and $2,500 as shown below.

This report is also exportable in a variety of formats for more report flexibility.